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Free and Confidential Case Review

Free and Confidential Case Review

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Were you sexually abused by a priest or clergy member in Maryland?

Have you been sexually abused by someone in your community?

Even if the abuse happened years ago, you may be entitled to significant compensation.

Were you sexually abused by a priest or clergy member in Maryland?

Even if the abuse happened years ago, you may be entitled to significant compensation.


New bill passed by Maryland state legislators allows sex abuse victims to seek financial compensation – even if the abuse happened years ago

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Pintas and Mullins is one of the nation’s top law firm’s representing sexual abuse cases.

Our experienced attorneys and paralegals are ready to help guide you through the confidential legal process.

Fill out the form above or call us to file your claim.

Pintas and Mullins is one of the nation’s top law firm’s representing sexual abuse cases. Our experienced attorneys and paralegals are ready to help guide you through the confidential legal process.

Companies must have written consent to use biometric devices on employees

More than 150 Catholic clergy sexually abused hundreds – if not thousands – of children throughout Baltimore Archdiocese

Maryland's Attorney General recently issued a report that reveals how the Archdiocese of Baltimore, which spans much of Maryland, enabled and covered up sexual abuse by church officials for decades.

The report sheds light on the shocking amount of abuse that took place in the archdiocese in the last 80 years:

  • Hundreds – possibly thousands – of children were abused by the 156 clergy members named in this report
  • The Archdiocese failed to report many allegations of sexual abuse to authorities. At times, victims reported abuse to priests who were abusers themselves.
  • Some parishes, schools and congregations had multiple abusers at the same time — St. Mark Parish in Catonsville alone had 11 abusers between 1964 and 2004.

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Attorney General's report names sexual abusers

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1. Father Louis Affrica

2. Father James Avant

3. Father Bruce Ball

4. Father John Banko

5. Father Michael Barnes

6. Father Thomas Bauernfeind

7. Father Vincent Bechtel

8. Father Ronald Belschner

9. Father Thomas Bevan

10. Father Maurice Blackwell

11. Father Louis Bonacci

12. Father John Bostwick

13. Reverend H. Cornell Bradley

14. Father William Braun

15. Father Laurence Brett

16. Father Frederick Brinkmann

17. Stephen Brotzman

18. Father Wayland Brown

19. Father Gerard Bugge

20. Father Robert Callahan

21. Father John Carney

22. Monsignor John Corbett

23. Father Brian Cox

24. Father Charles Coyle

25. Father Fernando Cristancho

26. Father Robert Cullen

27. Father Joseph Davies

28. Father Richard Deakin

29. Father Alfred Dean

30. Father Donald Dimitroff

31. Brother Francis Dolan

32. Father James Dowdy

33. Father Robert Duerr

34. Jesuit Priest John Duggan

35. Father Frederick Duke

36. Father Walter Emala

37. Father Francis Ernst

38. Father Luigi Esposito

39. Father Terence Evans

40. Father Alfred Ewanowski

41. Father Kenneth Farabaugh

42. Father Alphonsus Figlewski

The following clergy were named in the report. If you were abused as a minor by ANY priest or clergy member, whether they are on this list or not, contact us today as you may qualify for significant compensation.

43. Deacon Joseph Firlie

44. Father Carl Fisher

45. Sister Theonella Flood

46. Father Daniel Free

47. Father Joseph Gallagher

48. Father Joseph Gerg

49. Father Steven Girard

50. Father Mark Haight

51. Father John Hammer

52. Father Edward Heilman

53. Father Marion Helowicz

54. Father Joseph Hill

55. Monsignor Robert Hiltz

56. Father George Hopkins

57. Father Joseph Hopkins

58. Father Robert Hopkins

59. Father William Jameson

60. Father Albert Julian

61. Deacon John Justice

62. Father Thomas F. Kelly

63. Father Thomas M. Kelly

64. Father Joseph Kenney

65. Father Simon Kenny

66. Father Paul Knapp

67. Father Michael Kolodziej

68. Father Joseph Krach

69. Father William “Jay” Krouse

70. Father Joseph Kruse

71. Deacon Thomas Kuhl

72. Brother Xavier Langan

73. Father Michael LaMountain

74. Father James Lannon

75. Father Ross LaPorta

76. Father Regis Larkin

77. Father David Leary

78. Father Francis LeFevre

79. Father Robert Lentz

80. Father John Lippold

81. Father Robert John Lochner

82. Father Anthony Lorento

83. Father George Loskarn

84. Father Edward Neil Magnus

85. Father Ronald Mardaga

86. Father Kenneth Martin

87. Father Joseph Maskell

88. Father Benedict Mawn

89. Brother Constantine McCarthy

90. Monsignor William McCrory

91. Father Francis McGrath

92. Father Eugene McGuire

93. Patrick McIntyre

94. Brother Lawrence Meegen

95. Father Raymond Melville

96. John Merzbacher

97. Father Joseph Messer

98. Father Ronald Michaud

99. Father William Migliorini

100. Father John Mike

101. Father Jerome Moody

102. Brother Eugene Morgan

103. Brother William Morgan

104. Father John Mountain

105. Father Timothy Murphy

106. Father J. Glenn Murray

107. Father Alan Nagle

108. Father Robert Newman

109. Deacon Leo O’Hara

110. Father Garrett Orr

111. Father Henry O’Toole

112. Father John Padian

113. Father John Peacock

114. Father Dennis Pecore

115. Father Adrian Poletti

116. Eric Price

117. Father Blair Raum

118. Brother Thomas Rochacewicz

119. Father Francis Roscetti

120. Father Charles Rouse

121. Brother Marius John Shine

122. Father William Simms

123. Father David Smith

124. Monsignor Richard Smith

125. Father Thomas Smith

126. Father Michael Spillane

127. Father Albert Stallings

128. Father Edmund Stroup

129. Brother Cuthbert Sullivan

130. Father Francis Sweeney

131. Father Alcuin Tasch

132. Brother Joseph "Cuthbert" Thibault

133. Brother Thomas Tomasunas

134. Father Jerome Toohey

135. Father James Toulas

136. Father Gerald Tragesser

137. Father Jorge Velez-Lopez

138. Father Francis Wagner

139. Father William Walsh

140. Father William Wehrle

141. Monsignor Thomas Whelan

142. Father John Wielebski

143. Monsignor Roger Wooden

144. Father Howard Yeakle 

145. Sister Francis Yocum

146. Monsignor Henry Zerhusen

Ten other names were redacted from the report

Despite the landmark Boston Globe investigation in 2002 detailing rampant sexual abuse in that city's parishes, sexual abuse and coverup continued in Baltimore.

Baltimore Archdiocese's failure to reform

  • The Baltimore Archdiocese's public list of abusers was incomplete – excluding many abusers they knew about
  • The Baltimore Archdiocese's independent review board only included information about alleged abuse that was provided by church officials
  • Some alleged abusers were able to retire with financial support
  • A grand jury report has evidence of a coverup where accused Baltimore abusers were transferred to other parishes and allowed to continue their work there, unbeknownst to parishioners

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If you were sexually abused as a minor by a priest or church official, you may now be eligible for significant compensation.

Contact us today or complete our confidential and free claim review.

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